Chest colds: Do antibiotics help?

Are antibiotics really necessary to treat a chest cold? In this video, Dr. Anthony Levinson and infectious disease expert Dr. Zain Chagla discuss acute bronchitis, what it is, common symptoms, how it is best treated, and the role that antibiotics might play. Meet Helen, who woke up with a sudden onset of a new, dry cough; and coughed consistently throughout the day for 48 hours.


Learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is acute bronchitis?
  • What are the main signs and symptoms of acute bronchitis?
  • How is acute bronchitis typically diagnosed?
  • Do antibiotics work to treat acute bronchitis?
  • Why might antibiotics be prescribed to treat acute bronchitis?
  • What can you do to help manage the symptoms of acute bronchitis?
  • Is there a role for cough suppressants?
  • What are the preventative measures to avoid getting acute bronchitis?
  • Does prolonged acute bronchitis indicate the need for antibiotics?


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Author Details


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