New year, new goals. How the Portal can be part of your healthy aging routine.

The new year has officially arrived. With the new year, comes new intentions, some of which you’ve likely already set. If making your health a priority was on your list, the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal is the perfect tool to help you. Whether you’re already using the Portal to inform decisions about your health or you’ve only recently started using it, you’ll find many helpful tools and articles.

Blog Posts
Our Blog Posts are short articles on a variety of health and social topics written by professionals with expertise in the area. These posts are based on the best scientific evidence available and written in plain language. There are over 200 Blog Posts currently available, covering more than 70 topics including exercise, dementia, information technology, and mobility. With new content added weekly, you can explore our latest Blog Posts here.

Hitting the Headlines
When aging topics hit the news headlines, we compile the best available related research evidence from the Portal so you can stay informed. See our latest Hitting the Headlines posts here.

Web Resource Ratings
There is a lot of health and social information or "Web Resources" such as videos or fact sheets freely available on the internet. Many resources are consumer-friendly, but it's often difficult to know which ones are credible and based on scientific research. Our Web Resource Ratings do the homework for you, assessing the quality of health information available online and presenting our assessment using a 5-star rating scale. Explore some of our recently Web Resource Ratings here.

Evidence Summaries
Short one- or two-page documents that are prepared by researchers that describe in consumer-friendly language the findings from research on a particular topic. They sift through the large volume of research published every day and identify the small amount of high quality evidence that can be acted on by citizens. When you’re trying to keep abreast of trustworthy research, why ‘drink from a fire hose’ when you can reach for a glass of safe drinking water. Each summary also includes key messages that can be acted upon. Read our latest Evidence Summaries here.

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