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  • Does whitening toothpaste actually whiten teeth?

    Mayo Clinic

    Whitening toothpaste is useful to remove surface stains on teeth. However, it cannot change the natural colour of your teeth or deep stains and may damage your teeth over time. Choose toothpaste approved by a well-known organization.

  • Do I need to stretch before exercising?


    Research suggests that stretching before exercising is unlikely to reduce your risk of injury, improve performance or prevent sore muscles. Warm up your muscles with light aerobic exercise and stretch after exercising.

  • I frequently have a dry mouth. What can I do to relieve this problem?

    Mayo Clinic

    Some tips for temporary relief of dry mouth: chew sugar-free gum, limit caffeine intake, use a humidifier and sip water (more ideas in this resource). The best way to treat dry mouth in the long-term is to address the cause.

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