• 24 November 2021

    Driving: The super-activity of daily living?

    Driving is a complex task that involves many different skills and body functions. Dr. Brenda Vrkljan discusses how cognitive decline can impact driving safely and how healthcare professionals can help evaluate a person’s fitness to drive and support them in maintaining their mobility and independence for as long as possible.
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  • 10 November 2021

    Treating hypertension: Lowering your blood pressure with medications

    What role should medications play in managing high blood pressure? In this video, Drs. Anthony Levinson and Richard Sztramko discuss when and what to consider when lifestyle changes alone are not enough to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
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  • 26 October 2021

    Medical cannabis: A solution for chronic pain?

    Is medical cannabis effective for the treatment of chronic pain? Dr. Anthony Levinson and Dr. Jason Busse discuss how cannabis works to relieve pain, what the research says about its effectiveness and potential side effects, and what benefits there may be compared to opioids for chronic pain relief.
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  • 13 October 2021

    Hypertension: Effective ways to lower high blood pressure without medication

    Drs. Anthony Levinson and Richard Sztramko discuss what lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce your blood pressure or lower your risk of developing hypertension in the future.
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  • 28 September 2021

    Chest colds: Do antibiotics help?

    Are antibiotics really necessary to treat acute bronchitis? Dr. Anthony Levinson and infectious disease expert Dr. Zain Chagla discuss acute bronchitis, what it is, how it is best managed, and the role that antibiotics might play in its treatment.
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  • 15 September 2021

    Blood pressure as we age: What is a healthy target?

    Curious about what healthy blood pressure targets are for older adults? Drs. Anthony Levinson and Richard Sztramko discuss high blood pressure and what is considered a healthy target in this video.
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