Our Partners

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal welcomes opportunities to collaborate with private and public companies, government bodies, academic partners and older adults who share our passion for evidence-based information on health and social topics relating to optimal aging. If you are interested in forming a partnership with the Portal, please contact us at info@mcmasteroptimalaging.org.

Lead financial contributor

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal was created with the generous support of Susan Labarge. 

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Suzanne Labarge


Providing financial support for the development of the Portal. 


Helping promote the use of the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal.

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Minister of State (Seniors), Government of Canada


Collaborating on informing and engaging citizens and stakeholders on issues related to optimal aging.

Collaborating initiatives

Groups actively promoting the Portal and its use to their specific audiences.

Participating initiatives

Entities feeding content into the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal.