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  • Skin exam

    Canadian Cancer Society

    Skins exams help detect signs of skin issues and cancer. They are usually done yearly or more often if you are at higher risk for skin cancer. Learn the ABCDE rule or the seven point checklist that doctors use to recognize the differences between normal moles and melanoma.

  • Understanding deterrents and barriers to supporting African American/black and other people of colour aging in the LGBTQ/SGL community and finding solutions

    National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

    African Americans feel close within their own community but LGBTQ/SGL elders risk ageism, racism and homophobia. People are unaware of social and political patterns that exclude people of colour. Tips included in resource on how to increase inclusion in services.

  • News

    Independent Living Canada

    Independent Living Canada is an organization that supports people living with disabilities. Access this resource for their current news.

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Facing a difficult health choice? Decision aids can help.

Hamilton, ON - August 30, 2017

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal now features patient decision aids to help support older adults and caregivers with important decisions involving health care. Learn more.

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