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There is a lot of health information or "Web Resources" freely available on the internet. A Web Resource is any item you find online that you can watch, read, listen to, or interact with, such as videos, fact sheets and online quizzes. Many resources are consumer-friendly, but it's often difficult to know which ones have credible information, based on scientific research.

Web Resource Ratings do the homework for you, assessing the quality of health information available online and presenting our assessment using a 5-star rating scale.

Recently rated Web Resources

  • Osteoarthritis treatment

    UpToDate - patient information

    There are many arthritis treatment options such as rest, weight loss, physical therapy, assistive devices, heat and cold therapies, medications or surgery. Learn about proven and unproven treatments and talk to your doctor about the best treatments options for you.

  • Common warts

    Mayo Clinic

    Warts are bumps with black dots that grow mostly on hands and fingers. They are caused by a virus and are contagious. Treatments include medications with salicylic acid or freezing.

  • Blepharitis

    Mayo Clinic

    Blepharitis is an eye condition that results in swelling of your eyelids. Symptoms include watery, itchy, red eyes. Wash eyelids with a warm washcloth and diluted baby shampoo to reduce symptoms. Some medications may also help.

  • Relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene for insomnia

    Informed Health Online

    Practice relaxation techniques and change sleeping habits to help get a better sleep. Create a fixed schedule, and specific bedtime habits. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking, exercise and large meals right before bed.

  • Ask the Expert: Coffee and health

    Harvard School of Public Health

    Research shows drinking coffee may benefit your health but drink with caution. Pregnant women and people who have trouble managing their blood sugar or blood pressure should avoid or limit caffeine in their diet.

Excluded websites

We don't rate every resource we find on the web that relates to optimal aging. In some cases, entire health-related websites are excluded from what to evaluate in detail. In order to be rated, a Web Resource must:

  • be relevant to optimal aging;
  • come from websites that are free to access; and
  • not be directly funded by a company trying to sell you a product or service.

If you cannot find a website or Web Resource that you are looking for, check out our list of excluded websites. If you still can’t find it, let us know; we may have missed it!


DISCLAIMER: Web Resource Ratings are provided for informational purposes only and to facilitate discussions with your healthcare providers, family members, or informal care givers. They are not a substitute for advice from your own health care professionals. The Portal is not responsible for the content of external websites, nor is it an endorsement of that website or the site’s owners (or their products/services). The Web Resource Ratings may be reproduced for not-for-profit educational purposes only. Any other uses must be approved by the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal (info@mcmasteroptimalaging.org).

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