About Evidence Summaries

These short, easy-to-read documents present scientific evidence from three high-quality professional databases that address clinical, public health and health systems policy questions. Each summary includes the basic findings from research, and include key messages that can be acted upon.

The summaries focus specifically on the best available health-related research that has implications for how to stay healthy, active and engaged, and manage our health conditions, as we grow older.

The database of summaries is continually updated, as high-quality evidence is identified from any of the following three databases.


For clinical questions (‘improve your and your family’s health’)

McMasterPLUS™ (Premium LiteratUre Service) is a database that provides the best research evidence for clinicians such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals. It includes articles that are continuously selected from more than 130 journals, through a critical appraisal process that identifies studies and systematic reviews that are scientifically strong. Articles that meet specific quality criteria are then rated by frontline clinicians for relevance and whether there is new information that clinicians like them should be aware of.

Know what your doctor or nurse should know.

Health Evidence™

For public health questions ('improve your community’s health')

Health Evidence™ is a database that was developed for public health professionals. It includes quality-rated systematic reviews about the effectiveness of public health interventions, like immunization campaigns.

Know what your community’s medical officer of health should know.

Health Systems Evidence

For health system policy questions (‘improve what your health system can do for you’)

Health Systems Evidence is a database developed for managers and policymakers. It includes many types of research evidence about ways to address problems in the health system.

Know what the head of your local hospital or your member of parliament should know.

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