Current membership of Expert Advisory Council

The Expert Advisory Council provides strategic advice and works with the team that oversees the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal and related stakeholder engagement initiatives to identify, prioritize, and evaluate issues relevant to those interested in optimal aging, including older adults and their caregivers, clinicians, public health professionals and policymakers.

Membership (in alphabetical order):

Member Affiliation Expertise
 Stephen Bornstein  Newfoundland - Memorial University  Health policy
 Pierrette Gaudreau  Quebec - University of Montreal  Aging and endocrinology
 Cheryl Grady  Ontario - University of Toronto  Brain imaging and cognition
 Lauren Griffith  Ontario - McMaster University  Biostatistics
 Jennifer Heisz  Ontario - McMaster University  Brain imaging, exercise and cognition
 Yves Joanette  Quebec - University of Montreal  Aging and cognitive deficits
 Don Juzwishin  Alberta - Alberta Health Services  Health technology & innovation
 Mimi Lowi-Young  CEO - Alzheimer Society Canada  Health systems
 Doug Oliver   Ontario - McMaster University
 Family medicine
 Mark Oremus  Ontario - McMaster University  Epidemiology
 Christopher Patterson   Ontario - McMaster University
 Hélène Payette   Quebec - Sherbrooke University
 Nutrition and aging
 John Puxty   Ontario - Queen's University
 Julie Richardson   Ontario - McMaster University
 Robyn Tamblyn  Quebec - McGill University  Health informatics

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal Team (in alphabetical order):

Member University affiliation Expertise
 Maureen Dobbins  Ontario - McMaster University  Public health; Portal team lead
 Laura Harrington  Ontario - McMaster University  University and government relations
 Parminder Raina, chair   Ontario - McMaster University
  Aging; Portal team lead
 Susannah Watson  Ontario - McMaster University  Project coordination
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