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The holiday season is here (and so is the snow for many of us)! It’s a wonderful time to share in the joys of family and friends. But for many older adults, this time of year can be stressful, confusing and even depressing.  Holiday visits and family get togethers create the perfect opportunity for us to really consider whether the older adults in our lives (who we may not see on a regular basis) are safe, happy and healthy. 

For many seniors, the holidays can bring about the feelings of loneliness and social isolation. In fact, such feelings are major health concerns throughout the year for older adults. Social connections are an important consideration for healthy aging. Also important are diet and exercise. Many seniors are at risk of poor nutrition. While we indulge in holiday treats, let’s consider if the nutritional needs of our elderly loved ones are being met, along with our own!  And let’s not forget about the need to move. We spend too much time sitting. Regular exercise plays a critical role in the prevention and treatment of many common health conditions. One final consideration is falls prevention. Trip hazards around the home, along with icy weather conditions, can create the perfect storm for dangerous falls in older adults.

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Season’s greetings!

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