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Why should I use the Portal instead of other evidence databases?

May 15, 2015, 11:53 AM

The Portal puts in one place the best available research evidence. The ‘one place’ advantage means you no longer have to remember which database to go to depending on whether your question is about how to improve the health of you and your family, the health of your community or what your health- and social-systems can do for you. Three best-in-class databases have been combined to create the Portal. The ‘best available’ advantage means you can now find all of the research evidence that’s been synthesized professionally on a single topic or, when no synthesis is available, you can find all of the high quality single studies on the topic. The Portal only presents you with research evidence in which you can have confidence (or it provides a quality rating that allows you to adjust your confidence level).

The Portal provides you with the best work of scientists from around the world and, where possible, it provides you with an Evidence Summary that is more easily understandable than the original scientific article. Newspapers and TV shows are full of people making claims about what you can do to age optimally. The Portal allows you to quickly find out whether there is good research evidence to back up these claims.