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What are the features of the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal?

May 15, 2015, 12:02 PM

The Portal has content for both the general public and professionals.

There are three types of content:

  • Evidence Summaries: We summarize - in plain language - the key messages from recent high-quality research evidence.
  • Web Resource Ratings: These ratings tell you whether free resources on the internet, addressing health and social aspects of aging, are based on scientific research. We assess the quality of the information to help you decide if it's valuable to you.
  • Blog Posts:  Written by trusted experts to inform and inspire healthy aging, we use scientific evidence to provide credible insights on important topics and prevalent conditions related to the health and social aspects of aging.

In addition, you can subscribe to email alerts that contain links to newly prepared Blog Posts,  Evidence Summaries and Web Resource Ratings. You may also choose to register and gain full access to our Professional content including the ability to tailor your email alerts to receive newly identified research that is specific to topics of most interest to you. There is also the @Mac_AgingNews Twitter feed, and access to events hosted by the McMaster Health Forum via live webcasts and archived videos.

Additional content for Professionals: Ratings of and links to the best scientific evidence on clinical, public health, health policy and social policy questions.