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  • 9 February 2022

    The other side of the screen

    Although no robust systematic review could be identified about zoom fatigue among older adults and the general population, experts have raised a red flag. The overuse of virtual communication platforms could lead to cognitive distortions and non-verbal overload inherent in video communication. This could even increase feelings of isolation and anxiety.
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  • 12 January 2022

    Misinformation, disinformation and infodemics

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to use the term ‘infodemic’ to capture the parallel between the rapid spread of the virus and the rapid spread of misinformation about both COVID-19 and measures to respond to the pandemic. But what can be done to counter misinformation?
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  • 29 December 2021

    Dogs: Companions for life

    "Man's best friend" is a common phrase referring to the close relationship of loyalty and friendship between dogs and humans. The physical and psychological health benefits of owning a dog appear to be numerous. But does owning a dog lead to a longer, healthier life?
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  • 29 December 2021

    Mental health and the pandemic: What do loneliness, caregiving, and family conflict have to do with it?

    In this video, Dr. Parminder Raina discusses the recent findings on the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on middle-aged and older adults. Hear how loneliness, caregiving, and family conflict are associated with a higher likelihood of depressive symptoms and how these symptoms persist and may worsen over time.
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  • 15 December 2021

    Renewal plans in long-term care: where are we at

    The long-term care sector has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and abroad. Many policymakers and stakeholders are now turning their attention to renewing the long-term care sector and exploring alternatives to long-term care homes.
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  • 11 August 2021

    Harnessing the potential of technology to strengthen the long-term care sector (part 1)

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected those in long-term care homes in Canada more than others. With governments moving to address many of the concerns that have received attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a unique opportunity to examine the potential of technology to strengthen long-term care homes. This blog post is the first in a series which examine evidence and experiences related to the role of technology in long-term care homes in Canada.
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  • 14 April 2021

    Social isolation: Leaning on technology for our mental well-being

    Can telemedicine-based strategies help improve your mental well-being during this uncertain and more socially isolating time? Research shows some promise for improving depressive symptoms.
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  • 31 March 2021

    Do face masks help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses?

    Are you looking for clarity around face masks and their role in preventing the transmission of respiratory viruses? If yes, then you should know that research supports the use of masks for this purpose.
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  • 24 March 2021

    Rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines (Part 3): the need for open, transparent and tailored communication

    Decision-makers are also facing the challenge of communicating to the public about their vaccination plans, and the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. This is particularly challenging in a context where new information (and misinformation) about COVID-19 vaccines is emerging on a daily basis.
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  • 10 February 2021

    Rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines (Part 2): Allocating vaccines and necessary equipment equitably

    After months of waiting, vaccination campaigns have finally started in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. While health systems are used to running vaccination campaigns, the global COVID-19 pandemic raises many challenges. In a context of a limited supply of vaccine doses, who should be prioritized and on what grounds?
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