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Environmental interventions to reduce fear of crime: Systematic review of effectiveness

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  • Full-text report
  • Scientific Abstract
Recency, quality and context of the findings
  • Last year literature searched
  • Year Published
  • Quality Rating
    8/9 (AMSTAR rating from McMaster Health Forum)
  • Countries in which studies (included in the synthesis) were conducted
    UK (England) (34); USA (18); UK (Scotland) (6); UK (2); UK (Wales) (2); Netherlands (1)
  • Global/regional focus
    WHO - Americas region<br />WHO - European region<br />
  • Country focus
    UK (England) (34); USA (18); UK (Scotland) (6); UK (2); UK (Wales) (2); Netherlands (1)
  • Low - and middle-income country (LMIC) focus
Additional details about the research
  • Type of document
    Systematic review of effects
  • Type of question
  • Focus
  • Target
  • Domain
    Programs and services
    Public safety and justice
    Crime prevention
    Crime reduction
    Sustainable Development Goals
    3. Good health and well-being (partially covered)
    11. Sustainable cities and communities
    16. Peace, justice and strong institutions
    17. Partnerships for the goals
  • Social system topic(s)
    Delivery arrangements
    How services are designed to meet citizens’ needs
    Package of services/service pathways
    Implementation strategies
    Citizen-targeted strategy
    Information or education provision
    Behaviour change support
    Skills and competencies development
    (Personal) Support
  • Theme
    Optimal aging
Publication details
  • Citation
    Lorenc T, Petticrew M, Whitehead M, Neary D, Clayton S, Wright K, et al. Environmental interventions to reduce fear of crime: Systematic review of effectiveness. BMC Systematic Reviews. 2013;2(30):1-10.
  • DOI

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