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Health impact of climate change in older people: An integrative review and implications for nursing

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  • Scientific Abstract
  • Scientific Abstract
Recency, quality and context of the findings
  • Last year literature searched
  • Year Published
  • Quality Rating
    2/10 (AMSTAR rating from McMaster Health Forum)
  • Countries in which studies (included in the synthesis) were conducted
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  • Low - and middle-income country (LMIC) focus
Additional details about the research
  • Type of document
    Systematic review addressing other questions
  • Type of question
    Not effectiveness
  • Focus
  • Target
  • Domain
    Programs and services
    Climate action
    Climate-change risk management
    Environmental conservation
    Environmental resilience
    Environmental-threats management
    Severe storm events
    Sustainable Development Goals
    3. Good health and well-being (partially covered)
    9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    11. Sustainable cities and communities
    13. Climate action
    14. Life below water
    15. Life on land
  • Social system topic(s)
    Delivery arrangements
    By whom services are provided
    Skill mix - Role performance
  • Theme
    Optimal aging
Publication details
  • Citation
    Leyva EWA, Beaman A, Davidson PM. Health impact of climate change in older people: An integrative review and implications for nursing. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 2017;49(7):670-678.
  • DOI

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