• 28 October 2016

    Dementia care

    High quality, evidence-based information can certainly help us better understand how to support those with dementia as well as their caregivers. Read our top resources on the topic of dementia.
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  • 21 October 2016

    Flu season ahead

    Older adults are at higher risk of complications from the influenza virus. It is widely accepted that vaccination is the most important strategy to prevent influenza. Find out what the evidence says.
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  • 14 October 2016

    Think pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We've rated the quality of various online breast cancer resources for research evidence, transparency and usability. Find out more.
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  • 8 October 2016

    Thanksgiving: Food for thought

    Many older adults are at risk of poor nutrition, but there’s an overwhelming amount of diet and nutrition advice out there. It’s hard to decipher which food choices are best. Read our featured resources for evidence-based information.
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  • 30 September 2016

    National Seniors Day

    October 1st is National Seniors Day. It's important to consider how to support the health and well-being of our aging population. Find out what the evidence says about common aging health conditions.
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  • 26 September 2016

    Love your heart

    September 29th is World Heart Day. It’s the perfect time to consider your risk factors and the key prevention steps you can take to maintain a healthy heart.
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  • 9 September 2016

    Are you lonely?

    Find out what the research says about the health risks of loneliness and social isolation among older adults.
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  • 3 September 2016

    Arthritis: a pain in the…

    September is Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. Arthritis is a debilitating chronic condition that has many implications for Canada’s aging population, including mobility limitations and increased risk of falls. We’ve compiled a list of our top evidence-based resources on this topic.
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  • 26 August 2016

    Falls prevention

    A recent study explores the link between medications and the risk of falls in older adults. Falls can have significant consequences for the healthy aging process and it’s important to evaluate your risk factors. We’ve compiled the evidence related to this topic.
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  • 19 August 2016

    There's no place like home...

    HITTING THE HEADLINES: Home and community care services can help older adults live as independently as possible, and evidence shows many benefits to these services. We’ve compiled a list of popular resources that provide research-based health insights on the comforts of home.
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  • 12 August 2016

    Exercise, optimal aging and the Olympic Games

    HITTING THE HEADLINES: Inspired by the Olympic Games, we’ve compiled the best available research evidence confirming the many benefits of exercise for older adults.
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  • 5 August 2016

    Who is caring for the caregivers?

    HITTING THE HEADLINES: Caregiving is an important part of aging that many Canadians can relate to; and one of the most talked about seniors-related topics in the media. We’ve compiled the best available evidence related to caregiving.
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  • 29 July 2016

    Medically Assisted Dying & End of Life Planning

    The topic of medically assisted dying has been dominating the headlines since the prohibition on voluntary euthanasia was overturned in February 2015. Learn more about the evidence related to this topic.
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